About Thassos

Thassos is located in the northern Aegean Sea, near the coast of Macedonia. By ferry from Keramoti you sail to Thassos in half an hour. The island is 379 square kilometers; the coastline has a length of 95 kms. Along the coast of the somewhat oval-shaped island, there is a perfect coast road.

The soil of Thassos is mountainous and has many sources. A mountain range with five peaks lies in the centre of the island. With 1.203 meters, Ypsario is the highest summit. Initially, Thassos was famous for its honey and for its wood (used for shipbuilding and house building). Gold and silver were mined and gemstones were found. The olive cultivation is still extensive. Furthermore, Thassos is famous for its snow-white marble. The grooves of this are still to be admired.

Below the photo gallery, you will find more information on this wonderful island!

Thassos has much to offer

Thassos is ideal to simply relax and enjoy the sun, sea and tranquility. But there’s more!


The island has many and different types of beaches. Hotel Villa Anais, located on a peninsula, is surrounded by beaches. Furthermore on the island, kilometers of long sandy beach at Golden-Beach, the white marble Saliara beach, the idyllic Paradise Beach, the artistic Metalica-Beach. Too many to mention. Discover them yourself.


As a result of the many sources, Thassos (also called a walking island) has a beautiful nature. It is remarkably green for a Greek island. Extensive forests, mountain ridges, waterfalls; venture out and be surprised by the many sceneries that Thassos has to offer.


Organized is one possibility, or find it out yourself. Visit one of the many picturesque mountain villages such as Mikro and Megalo Prinos (Kazaviti). Eat lamb or goat spit in Theologos. And Panagia is well worth a visit. Located at the foot of the highest mountain, spring water flows through the village. Hire a jeep and set out to explore the ‘interior’. Be surprised by the beauty of this rugged landscape. Admire the impressive marble quarries (including those in Maries). Visit one of the monasteries. Go sailing with a luxury fishing yacht for a delightful day. Swim in the open water and relax on an idyllic beach.


On the island, you will find many remains of antiquity. We pick out a few. In Limenas is a large excavation and there is also the archaeological museum with a fine collection of objects of antiquity. By Aliki, you will find the remains of ancient marble harbor. In Limenaria, the old center of the ore extraction, you can see the remains from those periodes. On the mainland, not far from Kavala, you can visit the famous excavations at Philippi.


In the immediate vicinity of the Villa Anais, you will find several tavernas, bars and shops. Experience the night life in the capital Limenas. Enjoy the narrow streets with small restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs. Or visit Limenaria and Potos in the southwestern part of the island. Enjoy the delicious Greek food, often still prepared in the traditional way. And of course, let’s not forget the endless beauty of the sunset with its incredible color palette!

Thassos – it’s really worth it!